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Art-in-Health - Creative Explorations  

Your soul speaks through the mysterious language of symbol, myth, and metaphor...


Mark making with paint, doodling, shaping clay, collage, poetry, storytelling, and more offer a window into the deeper layers of your inner world, these new layers are often effortlessly revealed. Opening up fresh perspectives and insightsAbsolutely no creative merit needed, only a willingness to play!

To set the scene, we can get comfy with a herbal brew, some beanbags, and where appropriate some mood-enhancing music... and after a connecting chat about the content or theme for exploration, the creation and creative play will begin. During the creation phase, you will be supported to receive insights from the process with some gentle and curious enquiry...  

I loved my creative exploration session with Anji!
It was like my own mini workshop and retreat! I had fun and took away so many insights! 



Creative Dream Exploration   

We all dream, and many of us have found ourselves baffled by the images and symbols that visit us in the night. Dreams are indeed baffling to our waking consciousness, and they escape interpretation, and yet many of us are called to 'court the dream', to spend time wondering about the dream images, pouring over the magic and mystery and sometimes the horror of those shadowy aspects that linger in our waking memory.

Weaving an expressive arts approach in a therapeutic environment, with a guide at your side, we can safely explore your dream world for personal meaning, insight, value, and healing. 

Creative Self and Dynamic Enquiry   


Inner self enquiry, and enquiry into the social dynamics that we find ourselves in can be greatly enhanced by creative exploration methods. Questions such as 'who am I' and 'who am I in relation to others' can be explored through creative expressions and symbolic representations.


We can creatively explore the story of 'you', allowing for new perspectives, fresh insights and opening new choice points for change.  


x1 90-minute creative exploration session - 90

x3 90-minute shamanic counselling sessions - 250

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