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Shamanic Counselling     


Shamanic Counselling offers a spiritual counselling experience rooted in the principles and techniques of shamanism...


As a client, you will be guided in the basic shamanic skills so that you can craft your intention and take a shamanic journey by yourself. You will journey to the beat of the drum to make contact with your spirit-helpers and receive guidance, insight and support... 

You will learn how to journey and how to obtain answers from your spirit guides. You will be offered instruction, orientation and methodological advice based on the principles of Shamanic journeying ....

You will be supported to speak your journey aloud with helpful prompts to assist you. We can record your journey for you to listen to and repeat after the session, if you like... 

Upon returning from your journey, you will be supported to ground the experience through therapeutic sharing, creative art process, and enquiry, carrying the messages you received forward for further assimilation and integration...

In shamanic culture, the arts are central to healing and integration processes. With that in mind, you may be supported to craft an object of meaning from your shamanic journey, or create a mask to represent your animal guide, write a poem to capture the experience, doodle or collage the images and impressions, and of course if the creative elements are less inspiring to you, we may sit and talk 'and be with' the experience if that feels right for you.

Please note, that for those of you who choose to sign in for the session online, these processes can be undertaken in your own space. A list of suggested materials and items will be sent at the point of booking. 

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Online and in-person shamanic counselling sessions are available as powerful stand-alone experiences, or mini bundles.
The mini bundle of x3 shamanic counselling sessions is for those of you who would like to learn the shamanic journeying process and increase confidence to journey alone, receive more bespoke guidance, go deeper into the process, and build an ongoing trusting relationship with your animal spirit guides.


x1 90 minute shamanic counselling session - 90

x3 90 minute shamanic counselling sessions - 250

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